5 of Wands


So a weird thing just happened. I was shuffling my deck, idly considering doing a small spread as an intro to this blog. I decided to just draw one card, and I drew the 5 of Wands.

The card seemed at odds with my intentions. Although I hadn’t formulated a question exactly, my idea was to draw a card to use as a lens to focus my attention on aspects of this website. The 5 of Wands makes me think of struggle, being stuck, deadlock, arguments. I quickly put the card back. It wasn’t relevant.

I shuffled again, twice. Without really thinking of anything at all, I cut the deck and pulled…

The 5 of Wands.

What a strange coincidence. So it seems fitting to me to ponder the meaning of this card and examine how I feel about it.

When I look at the image on the card and think about what it means to me, I feel uncomfortable. It resonates with some of the more negative feelings I have been experiencing recently. Like piano strings vibrating in sympathy, it brings some of those feelings more to the fore. Perhaps the card “stalking” me is a reminder not to squash those negative thoughts away. The way out is through.

But is it really? What if the way out isn’t through? For the gridlocked figures depicted on the card, it seems the way to end their struggle is to step away.

What about the more positive associations of this card? When I first got this deck, I excitedly showed my housemate. I quickly flipped through the cards to show her the imagery. When I got to this one, she went, “Ooh! A Disco!”. The artwork as depicted by Oliver Hibert certainly does make me smile, and resonates with my inner child-like tripper perspective on life.

Perhaps, like a disco, I need to consider how people dance together through life. Conflict is usually resolved through discussion with others.

I think that’s the lesson I’ll take from this. I will do what I can, engage in conversation to hopefully bring resolution. Failing that, I walk away. I can only be responsible for my own actions.


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