Daily card: 2 of Swords


Stalemate, being unwilling or unable to see the truth of the matter, denying emotions, blockage. The lone figure shows that these stuck feelings caused by myself.

Thinking back on the themes of yesterday’s reading, and my recent emotions, I think that this card relates to my feelings about things being unresolved. At the conclusion of yesterday’s tarot reading, I decided to not engage in any more emotional texting. It has been a one-sided conversation, with him not actually replying to my tearful messages. I don’t regret anything I said. But as someone who needs to talk things out, it pains me that no conclusion can be reached.

This card reminds me that I can only control my own actions and emotions. In yesterday’s reading, the Hierophant told me to consider that T is acting on his own values and beliefs. Today, the 2 of Swords reiterates that, and adds that I should stop obsessing over what and why T is doing and thinking as he does, and focus on what I can do to move on.

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