Daily card: King of Cups


Today’s card is the King of Cups.

Kings represent the “masculine” energy of their suit. They are masterful and in control. Their focus is outwards, which is to say they act out the character of their suit.

Although Kings and Queens have masculine and feminine energies respectively, that doesn’t mean that they can only apply to, or represent males and females. We all possess a mix of masculine and feminine energies.

The King of Cups is warm-hearted, loving and generous. He is a good listener. He possesses strong empathy, but is in control of his emotions.

This card reminds me of attitudes to living that I have encountered among my yoga peers – have love in all things. The act of loving is its own reward.

As a message for today, the King of Cups tells me that it’s okay to feel and that although I have been hurt recently, I am the master of my own emotions. Be caring, be calm, be emotionally mature.

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