3 Card Spread & Introducing the Spirit Speak Tarot Deck


A quick three card general draw featuring one of two new decks which arrived yesterday – the Spirit Speak (reversed) deck.

Past – Page of Wands: Recognise that I have tackled challenges head on recently, this period of challenge is moving away into the past.

Present – 6 of Wands: Enjoy the recognition I receive for work well done. I feel that this card’s appearance is a little spiritual “big up” – thanks, deck!

Future – The Hierophant: Watch out for the arrival of a mentor or guide. Perhaps someone with advice worth listening to will rock up in my life soon. I recently drew the Hierophant in the “outcome” position of a reading for myself, perhaps today’s draw reinforces the previous one?

Now some first impressions of the Spirit Speak tarot deck. The cards are a lot smaller than I expected, although I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly. I measure them at about 6cm across and almost 9cm long. They are a pretty cute size! This makes them very portable, and the fact that the included guidebook also fits into the box means that the whole package can be easily toted around in a handbag.

The cards are glossy with a fair amount of slip to them. I find the thickness to size ratio makes them a little hard to shuffle in my preferred shuffling method (I use the card-players method, riffling the two halves of the deck together with my thumbs), but I can still get by well enough to not have to resort to shuffling any other way.

The guidebook contains succinct descriptions of the meanings of each card. I have found the descriptions very handy. Although the creator of the deck has stated that she designed the imagery to be easy to read, as I am finding with any deck, it takes some time to “tune in” to the unique vibe and language of the deck. For example, on the Hierophant card, the guidebook states that the cactus is a saguaro, which has “spiritual significance” and is “sharp and unbending in its ways”. There’s no way I would have picked up on the meaning behind the image without a little help.

This is the “reversed” deck, the images are white on black. There is a non-reversed deck available (the original deck) which is black imagery on a white background, but I was completely not interested in that. I think the style of the illustrations really suit the reversed colouring. The white on black really pops  and combined with the hand lettering and line drawings, I find myself wanting to use more bombastic, action-oriented words to describe the readings when I use this deck.

It’s funny how a tarot deck has a character all of its own. It’s like 78 characters comprising one whole story, and the story has its own vibe, just like how a book or a movie does. To me, this is really cool, and I can see myself using this as justification to fuel my growing obsession with buying different decks. As I mentioned above, I received 2 new decks in the mail yesterday. One was the Spirit Speak deck, and the other was the Fountain, which I plan to write about later. Both decks were bought from Two Sides Tarot, which is a web shop I would recommend, especially if you live in Australia as they have free shipping.

Til the future!


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