Tarot reading: What I need to learn

A new (to me) spread. The cards can be read individually or combined with other cards in the row.

Top: What I need to learn about love

Middle: What I need to learn about life

Bottom: What I need to learn about my vocation


Top: The World, Knight of Swords, The Empress. I should watch my tendency to rush into new relationships. I need to remember that my words can sting and I need to temper my truthfulness with my more nurturing qualities. Balancing these qualities will help me to experience fulfilling relationships.

Middle: 4 of Cups, King of Pentacles, Page of Cups. In life, I often become discontent. I should enjoy and relish the the riches that I have. I need to learn to be in touch with my intuition, and to let myself express my emotions sometimes.

Bottom: 3 of Wands, The Fool, 8 of Swords. In my teaching career, I need to keep a fresh approach as it is all too easy to become set in one’s ways. Remembering to look at my teaching practice with fresh eyes and then making sure I put into ideas into action will prevent me from feeling stuck and bored.


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