Daily card: 10 of Wands


The 10 of Wands depicts a man bent over by the weight of his burden, a bundle of wands. This card indicates that you may be feeling overburdened and weighed down.

As I ponder this card today, I wonder how often we impose this state upon ourselves. The tens in each suit represent the full fruition of the characteristics of its suit. The spark of fiery creativity represented in the Ace of Wands incites one to action, and here we see what happens when we continue to act and act. We take on too much and overburden ourselves.

I used to be a “yes” person. Challenges did not faze me, in fact I welcomed them. I would say yes to every request. And I always got it all done. But in time I learned that to keep a good balance for myself, I had to say “no” sometimes and to just CHILL.

The feeling of being overburdened can be mainly mental too. I think we all know someone in our lives who is a “stresser”. Someone for whom life just seems too hard most of the time. Someone who is constantly stressed out, seemingly over nothing sometimes. Such people remind me that your attitude and mind space does a lot. If you act like everything is difficult, then everything becomes difficult for you. The 10 of Wands says that perhaps you need to mentally reorganise your thinking. The man in the picture is holding the bundle of wands in what looks like the most impractical way ever, his task would be easier if he simplified his approach. We too, need reminders to simplify our approach.

Are you feeling overburdened? What can you let go of? Think about what is really important and what is simply taking up precious time and energy. Or perhaps you need to mentally de-stress by practising mindfulness, or just getting it all off your chest with a big old gossip session with a friend. The 10 of Wands recognises your burden and asks you to recognise it too, and then, let it go.



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