A 3 card spread with 2 pages and 1 knight

L to R: Attend to this, card for the day, watch out for this

A quick three card daily draw with my new Morgan Greer tarot deck resulted in this spread. 3 court cards! 2 of them Pages. I have trouble enough as it is when one court card comes up, so this is a good opportunity for some research and reflection.

The thing to decide, is whether the court card in question represents a person, personality traits, or a situation.

If representing a person, the court card could be myself or someone else. Because there are three court cards in this spread, they cannot all be me – unless they each represent aspects of myself, and if we choose to follow that path then we are moving more into personality traits territory (see below).

If each card represents a person other than myself, then here is a possible interpretation: Today I will feel the influence of a charismatic, creative person (Page of Rods). A truth-slinging youthful person need attending to (Page of Swords), while an emotional, caring and perhaps melodramatic young man will make an appearance (Knight of Cups). Hm. Interesting, but my unlikely.

If representing personality traits, then we look to the aspects of the suit. A possible interpretation would be this: Today, I will feed into my creative side (Page of Rods). I should make sure I use my logical thought (Page of Swords). I need to watch out for my emotional side (Knight of Cups). I find this interpretation highlights the inadequacies of the spread, because “attend to this” is very similar to “watch out for this”. When interpreted as personality traits, they both seem to issue a warning to me about keeping aspects of my personality in check. I feel that the Page of Swords interpretation here has a ring of truth much more so than the other cards.

If we interpret each card as a situation, then the Pages could be messages and the Knight could be news. Does two pages mean very important messages, or two separate messages? The Knight could represent news of the heart, perhaps I should watch out for news of someone important to me. A possible interpretation using situation could be: Today, I will have a new, creative idea (Page of Rods). I should feel confident that my venture will be successful (Page of Swords). Romance and imagination are coming my way (Knight of Cups).

I think it likely that the best interpretation is a combination of all three, and I have to listen to my intuition to find which interpretation rings the most true.

How about this: The Page of Rods tells me that today will be a day that I harness my creative energy, I will be motivated to make the most of the day. The Page of Swords tells me to pay attention to my words, as my logical reasoning and unapologetic speaking of the truth could land me in trouble. The Knight of Cups tells me to stay open to romance and imagination as I go about the day, and also warns me of my tendency to become moody, especially when the weather is dreary like today (true fact). The two Pages together could indicate that I will receive a message (or messages), or it could mean education – perhaps I might learn something significant today.

As always, the process of writing these thoughts out helps me a lot. I find myself in a much clearer place than I was when I sat down to write this post.

As an end note, I will just add that I got these Morgan Greer tarot cards yesterday, and I already feel very comfortable with them. The design and colours sit very well with me, as does the quality of the deck.



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