3 Card Daily Spread – Partnerships


This is a 3 card daily spread I’m enjoying lately. It’s from the Tarot Bible.

Card of the Day: 2 of Cups

Interferences: The Moon

Positive Results: Death

This spread feels very apt for today. The theme of this spread is partnerships, as indicated by the appearance of the 2 of Cups. I have recently been seeing someone new, and when I woke up this morning, I was thinking about what a strange thing it is to re-learn how to be a duo, rather than looking out for numero uno. In the past, I quite often lost my sense of self by throwing myself into relationships and absorbing the energy of my partner. I couldn’t help it. Now that I have been dabbling in single life for longer, I feel that I have finally had the chance to nurture my own unique energy. I am still not naturally good at projecting it though. As an introvert at heart, I find it much easier to sing to someone’s tune.

A relationship with someone is like a story that you write together. I am learning how to write that story while still retaining my sense of self. I bungled this up very recently and incurred the unhappiness of my love interest by acting in ways that could be considered selfish. At the least, I did not communicate clearly enough. And it was his birthday. So partnerships was a theme already in the forefront of my mind.

The Moon represents interferences. It’s a mysterious card – I kind of love it, even though I suppose it has rather negative connotations. The moon’s dim light casts as much shadow as it reveals. The card tells me that all is not what it seems. I don’t know the full picture. This card can represent betrayal or lies. The Moon’s appearance here tells me to proceed with caution. As a person in the early stages of getting to know another person, there is much I don’t know. I love the mystery of the Moon, the thought of worlds unexplored.

The appearance of Death is powerful in any reading. It speaks of inevitable endings. Here, it asks me to let go of something, to make way for something new. Is it an ill omen for this budding partnership of mine? It could be. Perhaps it is asking me to let go of a preconceived notion, or my ego? These are the questions I ponder as I go through my day. All will be revealed as time pans out.


Daily card: The Star


Today’s card is The Star.

This is the second time I’ve pulled this card recently. The first was in a spread with this card in the position representing key to the matter. It’s become one of my recent favourite cards.

There’s a lot of mystery to this card. The image is redolent with symbolism, which I have read a little about, but won’t go into here. The Star tells me that the universe has got my back. It’s a symbol of hope after a period of struggle. It’s a light in the darkness.

The message of the Star is one of faith rather than a call to action. The idea of trusting that peace and happiness will come to me, rather than me actively manifesting a positive future, requires a mental leap of faith which doesn’t come easily to me. But despite this, I feel comfort in receiving the Star’s message. It’s like getting a hug from a friend, and a reassurance that it’s all going to be all right. Even when it’s not going to be all right, it feels good to be reassured. And maybe it’s exactly what I need to hear.


A 3 card spread with 2 pages and 1 knight

L to R: Attend to this, card for the day, watch out for this

A quick three card daily draw with my new Morgan Greer tarot deck resulted in this spread. 3 court cards! 2 of them Pages. I have trouble enough as it is when one court card comes up, so this is a good opportunity for some research and reflection.

The thing to decide, is whether the court card in question represents a person, personality traits, or a situation.

If representing a person, the court card could be myself or someone else. Because there are three court cards in this spread, they cannot all be me – unless they each represent aspects of myself, and if we choose to follow that path then we are moving more into personality traits territory (see below).

If each card represents a person other than myself, then here is a possible interpretation: Today I will feel the influence of a charismatic, creative person (Page of Rods). A truth-slinging youthful person need attending to (Page of Swords), while an emotional, caring and perhaps melodramatic young man will make an appearance (Knight of Cups). Hm. Interesting, but my unlikely.

If representing personality traits, then we look to the aspects of the suit. A possible interpretation would be this: Today, I will feed into my creative side (Page of Rods). I should make sure I use my logical thought (Page of Swords). I need to watch out for my emotional side (Knight of Cups). I find this interpretation highlights the inadequacies of the spread, because “attend to this” is very similar to “watch out for this”. When interpreted as personality traits, they both seem to issue a warning to me about keeping aspects of my personality in check. I feel that the Page of Swords interpretation here has a ring of truth much more so than the other cards.

If we interpret each card as a situation, then the Pages could be messages and the Knight could be news. Does two pages mean very important messages, or two separate messages? The Knight could represent news of the heart, perhaps I should watch out for news of someone important to me. A possible interpretation using situation could be: Today, I will have a new, creative idea (Page of Rods). I should feel confident that my venture will be successful (Page of Swords). Romance and imagination are coming my way (Knight of Cups).

I think it likely that the best interpretation is a combination of all three, and I have to listen to my intuition to find which interpretation rings the most true.

How about this: The Page of Rods tells me that today will be a day that I harness my creative energy, I will be motivated to make the most of the day. The Page of Swords tells me to pay attention to my words, as my logical reasoning and unapologetic speaking of the truth could land me in trouble. The Knight of Cups tells me to stay open to romance and imagination as I go about the day, and also warns me of my tendency to become moody, especially when the weather is dreary like today (true fact). The two Pages together could indicate that I will receive a message (or messages), or it could mean education – perhaps I might learn something significant today.

As always, the process of writing these thoughts out helps me a lot. I find myself in a much clearer place than I was when I sat down to write this post.

As an end note, I will just add that I got these Morgan Greer tarot cards yesterday, and I already feel very comfortable with them. The design and colours sit very well with me, as does the quality of the deck.


Daily card: 10 of Wands


The 10 of Wands depicts a man bent over by the weight of his burden, a bundle of wands. This card indicates that you may be feeling overburdened and weighed down.

As I ponder this card today, I wonder how often we impose this state upon ourselves. The tens in each suit represent the full fruition of the characteristics of its suit. The spark of fiery creativity represented in the Ace of Wands incites one to action, and here we see what happens when we continue to act and act. We take on too much and overburden ourselves.

I used to be a “yes” person. Challenges did not faze me, in fact I welcomed them. I would say yes to every request. And I always got it all done. But in time I learned that to keep a good balance for myself, I had to say “no” sometimes and to just CHILL.

The feeling of being overburdened can be mainly mental too. I think we all know someone in our lives who is a “stresser”. Someone for whom life just seems too hard most of the time. Someone who is constantly stressed out, seemingly over nothing sometimes. Such people remind me that your attitude and mind space does a lot. If you act like everything is difficult, then everything becomes difficult for you. The 10 of Wands says that perhaps you need to mentally reorganise your thinking. The man in the picture is holding the bundle of wands in what looks like the most impractical way ever, his task would be easier if he simplified his approach. We too, need reminders to simplify our approach.

Are you feeling overburdened? What can you let go of? Think about what is really important and what is simply taking up precious time and energy. Or perhaps you need to mentally de-stress by practising mindfulness, or just getting it all off your chest with a big old gossip session with a friend. The 10 of Wands recognises your burden and asks you to recognise it too, and then, let it go.


Daily card: The Hanged Man


This is a complex and fascinating card. The Hanged Man is suspended from the gallows by one foot, while his other leg is cocked at a jaunty angle. Actually, I would say his whole pose is rather jaunty. And… is he smiling? At any rate he does not seem unhappy with his present situation. From his upside-down vantage point he sees the world from an entirely different perspective.

I love the paradoxical nature of this card. The Hanged Man tells us to surrender, to let go, to sacrifice yourself. To take one step back in order to take two steps forward. To stop struggling. To adopt a new perspective.

I enjoy the message of this card because I look on change with optimism, I like gaining new perspectives and I like being surprised.


Tarot reading: What I need to learn

A new (to me) spread. The cards can be read individually or combined with other cards in the row.

Top: What I need to learn about love

Middle: What I need to learn about life

Bottom: What I need to learn about my vocation


Top: The World, Knight of Swords, The Empress. I should watch my tendency to rush into new relationships. I need to remember that my words can sting and I need to temper my truthfulness with my more nurturing qualities. Balancing these qualities will help me to experience fulfilling relationships.

Middle: 4 of Cups, King of Pentacles, Page of Cups. In life, I often become discontent. I should enjoy and relish the the riches that I have. I need to learn to be in touch with my intuition, and to let myself express my emotions sometimes.

Bottom: 3 of Wands, The Fool, 8 of Swords. In my teaching career, I need to keep a fresh approach as it is all too easy to become set in one’s ways. Remembering to look at my teaching practice with fresh eyes and then making sure I put into ideas into action will prevent me from feeling stuck and bored.

Daily card: 7 of Cups & deck comparison

7 of Cups from The Wild Unknown Tarot

The 7 of Cups is, by its very nature, confusing. The meaning behind the card is multifaceted, even more so than most cards.

Some key words that spring to mind when thinking of the 7 of Cups are: choices, confusion, illusion, wishes. To examine further, I decided to compare the same card among 5 different tarot decks.

I first drew this card at random from The Wild Unknown. You can see that the image is quite minimalist, which is what spurred me to squirrel out all the other 7 of Cups from my other decks for comparison. The picture of the moon is reminiscent of the Moon card from the Major Arcana, it alludes to deception and illusion, things being not what they seem, dimly illuminated in the moonlight.

The one upside down cup speaks of imbalance. The sun at the bottom gives me pause for thought. Is it that the upside down cup is poised to catch the sun, showing that the right choice is not the obvious one? Or do we look at the sun as being upside down from the moon, illustrating confusion and illusion. Or perhaps the moon is in the sky, it is night time, a time of darkness, but soon the sun will rise and it will be day. The more I examine the imagery on this card the more I find.


Image (3).jpg
Clockwise from left: Rider Waite Smith, The Fountain, Oliver Hibert, Spirit Speak Reversed

As expected, the Rider Waite Smith imagery contains lots of clues. The figure in the card seems almost taken aback by the cups before him. Each cup contains a wish. I am reminded of the paradox of choice and analysis paralysis. When we are faced with too many choices we can get stuck trying to make a decision.

The Oliver Hibert card is basically a clone of the RWS, but its psychedelic colouring reminds me of how I love to have options. I am not one of those people who get bewildered by all the options. When I go shopping, I look at everything, I read all the labels. This depiction of the 7 of Cups brings to mind the childlike wonder and excitement of being able to choose out of ALL the things.

The Spirit Speak card draws on the imagery of the RWS with the clouds and the cups with wishes inside. Some of the wishes are changed. There is a rose to represent beauty, a heart for love, a wand for action, a yinyang for balance. The tower, snake and jewels remain. Perhaps this version of the 7 of Cups represents the artist’s take on temptation and desire.

The card from The Fountain tarot deck is the most minimal. The light and airy colouring alludes to things not of the material realm, it seems to say that the issue at hand is mental and/or spiritual. The woman in the card is surrounded by cups, highlighting the aspect of choice. She is looking straight ahead, rather than at the cups. Perhaps she is avoiding having to make a decision? Her expression is not a happy one. I struggle to pin down an emotion. Is she determined? Slightly stunned? Thoughtful? The Fountain tarot often raises more questions than it answers.

Finally, here is one last picture of all five cards together.